Here you will find links to my podcasts of topics which range from the treatment of sexual addiction, neurogenesis, lucid dreaming and transpersonal psychotherapy theory. Click on the link below to take you to the interview page.

Brant Cortright interview – Transpersonal psychology and brain health
Robin Shohet interview – Consultative supervision and appreciative enquiry
Professor Windy Dryden interview – CBT approaches to Counselling
Dr Mary Deitch – President of SASH on problematical sexual behaviour
Dr John Rowan interview – Integrative psychotherapeutic practice
Dr Marie Keenan interview – Sex abuse and the catholic Church
Dr Nigel Hamilton interview – Alchemy and transpersonal dream analysis
Paula Hall interview – Recovery from sex addiction
Jocelyn Chaplin interview – Integrative psychotherapeutic practice
Asher Quinn interview – Transpersonal psychotherapy
Allan Pimentel interview – Integrative counselling and psychotherapy
Dr Michael Katz interview – Lucid dreams and dream yoga
Fr Joe Pereira interview – Yoga practice and the Kripa Foundation
Charlie Morley interview – Lucid dreaming & Tibetan Buddhism
Robert Waggoner interview – Lucid dreaming
Graham Nicholls interview – Out of body experiences
Fr Laurence Freeman interview – Christian meditation
Paul Margrie interview – Transpersonal psychotherapy
Dwight Turner interview – Absent fathers and transpersonal psychotherapy
Tanya Moore interview – The Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin kin’s school

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