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online counsellingDue to a remote location, very busy life or restricted mobility you may prefer to engage with a therapist using your laptop and webcam. Online counselling can be more accessible and convenient due to the flexibility offered by the arrangement.   With online counselling you can fit the session more easily into your busy life rather than factoring in the time commitment of travelling to see your counsellor.

You may experience problems with social anxiety and embarrassment when attending face to face counselling and this may be eased by engaging with a therapist in the comfort of your own home and in your own surroundings.  You may feel safer with online counselling as no one will see you enter a public building for your sessions.

Ideally, for counselling and psychotherapy to be most effective it is essential to engage with a therapist on a regular basis to utilise the maximum potential for building a close dialogue. It is important that you have a solid support network on the ground if you are considering online counselling. A good therapist will ascertain this as part of the assessment process.

You might also need to consider if your worries, such as social anxiety, might better be addressed by seeing a therapist in the community as this will help you to face your fears of being outside and being with other people such as when using public transport.  Online counselling might further deepen your feelings of not being able to cope with your social anxiety.

If you feel that online counselling might be appropriate for you then get in touch with me by email or by telephone (44) 07852 407140

Online and telephone counselling explained

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