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Academic standards are increasingly being raised at counselling and psychotherapy training centres with more emphasis on quality of writing, even in experiential centred institutions, to meet higher academic requirements from external examiners and award bodies.

I offer tutorials to counselling and psychotherapy students seeking a supportive environment to explore any difficulties and any creative blocks being experienced in academic work. This may involve issues surrounding the completion of essays, case studies or masters dissertations.

Counselling and psychotherapy students are often mature applicants who might not have completed prior formal academic training. The task of organising ideas in the form of a report can be daunting and can instil anxiety. The important action is to reach out and seek help.

I can help students to structure their work, understand report writing techniques such as referencing, develop aptitude in critical writing and further their academic process.

Consultations can be online so that students do not spend additional time travelling to meetings. An online chat, facilitating a face to face conversation, can unlock your creativity, dislodge your blocks and set you on a positive path to improved academic performance.

You can contact Noel Bell and find out about my fees by emailing noel@noelbell.net or by telephone 07852 407140