Carer groups for people suffering from mental health problems

Supporting someone with mental health problems can range from giving them emotional support through listening and showing them appreciation, to providing them with the practical help so that they can live their lives effectively. Sometimes it is difficult to remember when you’re caring for someone else that you still have needs yourself as an individual. Try to make time for yourself and your needs.MIND has produced a booklet to help people cope in a caring role. Check out the MIND information sheet on the A-Z of mental health issues. You can find yourest MIND service here.

The Support Line provides information that may be helpful to anyone suffering from mental illness.  It might also be useful for anyone caring for someone with mental illness. The Support Line lists agencies and contains websites which can offer information, support and practical advice which you may find useful.

BPDWorld provides information on carer support groups for those affected by borderline personality disorder.  BPDWorld also lists the various personality disorders.

It is important to keep up with your circle of friends and to make time to socialise with them as it is just as important that you look after your own emotional health. Therefore, it is critical that you observe your own limits and that the person you’re caring for is aware of this. Remember that you can only do what you can do and try not to forget this.

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