Domestic violence and rape – some facts

I am attending a domestic violence awareness course as part of training for a Victim Support placement.

Some interesting stats’ that have emerged from the course:

  • 50% of children will also be victims in a household where the parent is suffering from abuse.
  • 75% of victims will suffer further abuse following reporting of the crime.
  • 13 year old children (and older) are not allowed stay in refuge centres.
  • Pregnancy is a major trigger for perpetrators of domestic abuse.
  • Perpetrators mainly hit at the torso of the victims.
  • 65% of rape is committed by current or ex partners.
  • The age group 16 – 24 is the most vulnerable.
  • 75% of rape victims know the perpetrator.
  • The law does not distinguish on the length of penetration.
  • Research undertaken on rapists indicates that the gender of the victim is immaterial for 50% of rapists. This of course does not mean that 50% of victims are male but might indicate that the incidence of male rape is far higher than is reported.
  • Rapists look for victims with long hair, carrying bags and wearing high heels. The hour after 6pm is the most vulnerable time for victims.
  • Erection and ejaculation can be absent in rape cases.
  • False accusations of rape account for only 2% of cases.
  • The attractiveness of rape victims is not the issue for rapists. Power and control is the dominant motivation as it is for the incidence of rape in prison.

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