World Mental Health Day Resources

The aim of World Mental Health Day on 10 October is to heighten the level of public awareness about the issues surrounding mental health. It is intended that the day will promote an open discussion about mental disorders, investments in prevention, promotion and treatment services. The theme for 2017 was mental health in the workplace. See when a toxic work boss activates your anxiety.

The theme of the day in 2013 was “Mental health and older adults”. World Mental Health Day 2014 centred on the theme ‘Living with Schizophrenia’. In 2015 the theme was Dignity in Mental Health. 

In 2016 the theme was psychological first aid and the support that people can offer for those in distress. See WHO website for updated themes.

In 2012 the theme for World Mental Health Day was “Depression: A Global Crisis”. Some information on depression:  According to the WHO, depression impacts more than 350 million people.  Depression is indiscriminate and affects people young and old, in all communities and is a major contributor to the global burden of disease. We have become much more aware of known effective treatments for depression.  However, access to treatment is a significant problem in most countries.  Indeed in some countries fewer than 10% of those who need it receive such treatment.

Resource leaflets for World Mental Health Day

The Mystery of Mental illness: This is an introductory leaflet

Listening Attentively: This gives some suggestions about how to listen to people with mental health problems

Listening to the Psychotic: This suggests ways of understanding people whose conversations may seem a bit bizarre

The Gift of Communication: This recognises that listen carefully gives dignity and value to humanity

Lost for Words: This explores the barriers to communication for people with some conditions such as dementia or hearing loss

See here for the treatment of OCD and BDD in the NHS.

Mental health awareness in America takes place every year during the month of May.
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Noel Bell is an integrative psychotherapist based in Sydenham. That means that I use a range of tools and techniques to best meet the needs of each particular client. I believe therapy should be based on what the client needs, rather than getting clients to comply with standardised treatments. Being integrative means being committed to the whole project of therapy, rather than to a particular approach.


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