Useful links for Retreats

Association of Spiritual Retreats resource of information on holistic treatments worldwide including pilgrimages, meditation retreats, and spiritual tours in countries such as the United States,  Ireland, Spain and India.
The Retreat Association Retreat Association for the UK: resources available, including an annual journal listing retreat houses and their programmes, information on spiritual.
The Good Retreat Guide The Good Retreat Guide Web Online. Here you will find dozens of places to find peace and spiritual renewal all over Europe and beyond.
Gaia House A retreat centre since the 1930s – offers silent meditation retreats from various Buddhist traditions, led by experienced Dharma teachers from all over the world. Buddhism, Buddhist retreats, Meditation.
Mindfulness retreats Thich Nhat Hanh is affectionately known as Thây (pronounced ‘tie’), which is Vietnamese for Teacher.
Rural Retreats Luxury holiday cottages throughout Britain.
Heartspring specialises in holistic and healing personal retreats in Wales.
Silent Retreat Non-religious retreat with skilled spiritual guidance and support.