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Carlingford, County Louth

I have just returned from a trip to Dublin and it was good to see the Yeats exhibition in the National Library of Ireland. You can see an online version of the exhibition here. It was interesting to note the influence of alchemy on Yeats through the Golden Dawn.  The Golden Dawn was a magical order and incorporated traditional European cabalistic magic and astrology.

Carlingford Lough

I also enjoyed a day trip to Carlingford Lough (pictured opposite) which divides the border between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, the only international land border for each country. I visited the pretty village of Carlingford  (pictured above) in County Louth and met Adrienne M Finnerty at the Carlingford Craft co-op shop.

You know a place has something going for it when you notice a Four Seasons Hotel. Incidentally if you are a cash buyer and looking to invest in property you could do no worse than look at this area especially with the planned bridge linking the Republic and the North over Carlingford Lough. The Narrow Water bridge will link counties Down and Louth across Carlingford Lough.

car 1 (2)Ireland is still on its knees economically but it is good to see the spirit of the people alive and kicking. I am always intrigued how individuals respond to serious cracks in the national psyche such as the effects of the recent Irish banking crisis that has witnessed a major housing price correction and helped produce much higher levels of unemployment.

However, the people appear to be resilient in spite of the housing market continuing to worsen and real wages continuing to drop in value.


car2 (2)I found an interesting bookshop in Dublin (pictured opposite) selling transpersonal psychotherapy books whilst out strolling one morning.  Dervish bookshop is based in Aungier Street in Dublin and is well worth a stop if visiting the Fair City.

I also found a cool place for breakfast at Fallon & Byrne, 11- 17 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.  Whilst in the area a visit should be made to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin. The parish church of Saint Patrick on this site was granted collegiate status in 1191, and raised to cathedral status in 1224.You will pass by the Garda station on Kevin Street en route. The Cathedral is today the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland (a church of the Anglican communion).


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