The Benefits of Exercising When You are Away by Mike Manning

Anyone who has left the comfort of his or her home has dealt with the stress that comes with travelling. Whether a person is travelling by car, bus, train, or plane, he or she will eventually become frustrated with the many headaches that travelling brings with it. If a person is travelling by car, he or she will get frustrated with the price of gas. If he or she is travelling by plane, then the long airport lines and airport screening policies will cause an undue amount of stress. Therefore, it is extremely important that the individual takes steps to avoid having too much stress. If not, he or she will be prone to many health problems. In order to reduce the stress that comes with travelling, the individual should be sure to exercise each day that he or she is away.

Many people are not aware of the ways that they can exercise while they are away from home. If the trip is designed for pleasure, a brisk walk through a shopping mall will produce the same results as any other type of cardio exercise. However, if the trip is designed for business, the person may want to walk the few blocks to the conference centre. This will also produce the same results as any other type of cardio exercise. Not only should cardio exercises be done during this time, but strength-training exercises should also be completed. Strength training can be as simple as doing push-ups on the hotel floor to lifting weights in the hotel’s exercise rooms.

Most hotels will offer some type of exercise facilities for their guests, but it is still a good idea to know if this is true before arriving at the hotel. A simple online search of the hotel will allow a person to see its exercise rooms. On a recent trip to Maui I was able to book a hotel with a great fitness facility by checking through a travel review’s site for all of the Maui hotels and scrolling through to see all of the fitness amenities. After seeing the exercise rooms, the person can determine if the hotel will have a facility designed to give him or her a good workout. If the hotel does not have a proper exercise facility, it is best to make reservations at a hotel that does. Additionally, it is important to note what types of amenities are offered near the hotel. For example, some hotels may have walking trails nearby, and these could be a good substitution for a treadmill or elliptical.

Finally, airports are also good places to exercise ( If people find themselves waiting for hours at the airports, they may want to take advantage of any yoga rooms or walking trails that may be available. Both the San Francisco International Airport and the St. Paul-Minneapolis Airport offer exercise facilities for its passengers.

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