Magically Heal All Your Relationships

Interested in hearing about how to heal all your relationships?
A friend of mine is holding an evening on the subject. Author of Secrets of Puglia Ana Capone will be sharing her personal experience regarding each exercise on 27 April, 2013 at Park Crescent Conference Centre in London.
anaThe evening will consist of her sharing her personal experience and transformational  exercises.
1. Learn an easy way of releasing a negative thought pattern 
2. Get the tool to consciously create better and more empowering relationships 
3. Lear how you can help a sick  person heal quicker  

Ana Capone is a mum, Author, Mosaic charity Secondary school Mentor, member of Alternatives team, a founder and President of a non profit organisation “Friends Forward”. She was born in Serbia, she travelled a lot moving to different countries including England, Italy and  USA. Ana  also worked for a Global American NGO as Italy Country manager for many years. She will soon publish her second book about relationships, a result of 20 years of research and her personal experience.

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