The benefit of 12 step treatments

12 step treatments are not to be confused with the self help followships such as AA and NA

The new edition of Therapy Today dropped through the letterbox today and it is always interesting to see what is inside.  Rachel Young from the Banbury Therapy Centre writes an interesting article on group therapy for addiction.   

12 step group therapy aims to create a safe space where clients with addictions can learn to reconnect with others and create the foundations for recovery. It is important to note that 12 step treatments are not to be confused with the self help fellowships such as AA and NA. These fellowships aim to provide peer support indefinitely but 12 step treatment is typically 3 to 6 months of intensive rehabilitation therapy at the start of the recovery process. AA and NA can often be the perfect after care support system for clients seeking to stay on the straight and narrow.

Trust, peer support and honesty are put forward by Rachel Young as the most important criteria for the success of the treatment. Also, a thorough awareness of group dynamics is essential in order to facilitate a 12 step group therapy treatment model as conflict resolution needs to be tackled very early on. Well worth a read!


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