Festival Of Life with Tanya Moore

The Festival of Life in Red Lion Square yesterday turned out to be an amazing experience.  There was music, massage, food stalls, workshops and lectures and a real relaxed vibe. I heard Ian R Crane speak about the financial crisis and was inspired to further research areas such as the Tony Farrell affair and Codex Alimentarius. I also caught up with Tanya Moore and we spoke about the Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin kin’s school in Tekos, Russia.  The interview ranged from Michael Gove, Hong Kong schooling, The  British Experience, right side of brain, emotional freedom technique, brain gym,  left side of brain, education teaching and learning, new media, Web 2.0,  podcasts, being conscious,  community, to the Federal Reserve, planetary alignment,  creative development, permission to play, horizontal 8, creation of positive habits, Mindmaps, Doodles and Tony Buzan. To name just a few…..

Click here for podcast of Tanya Moore interview