Messages from the Cosmic Intelligence?

I am open minded whether or not I receive messages from the Cosmic Intelligence.  Sometimes I run into people and think I was meant to see them as they point me in a different direction to the one I was originally intending to take.  Today, I felt like I wanted to be consumed by selfish pursuits but instead I volunteered to fill a last minute cover request at my drop in centre placement.  I was so glad I did as I had a chat with the trainee who was in the prior slot and that proved to be a very fruitful conversation.  I also ran into Wai Tsang who is speaking at the Festival of Life event tomorrow in Holborn.

I had not previously heard of this event and after I checked it out online I made plans to go and attend the event for I find that the best results in life emanate from keeping an open mind and going with the flow sometimes.       (This is what the website says: The Festival is a unique one-day event with over 50 free talks and workshops and over 60 stalls covering: Self-healing and Self-empowerment • Natural Parenting and Nature Cures • Healthy Vegan Organic Meals and Whole-foods • Permaculture and Environmentalism • Musical, Poetic and Artistic Expression • Simple and Non-consumerist Living • Creating Community and Networks • Celebration and Connection).  It also says theres no alcohol or smoking.  I liked the sound of it even more.

Wai is speaking at 3.30pm and the title of his talk is ‘Everyone is God – and the Prophecies are Now’. I am looking forward to hear him. Messages from the Cosmic Intelligence?  I hope so.