Why transpersonal therapy?

Why transpersonal therapy?  Spiritual essence: Pay attention to your feelings. Why God? Feelings are more primary (basic) than thoughts. Not rage (survival) but interpersonal (spiritual) that is what is the theme that draws us. People anchor themselves to spiritual search. Although some people anchor themselves to religion,  out of fear. Different place to say that you can drop anchor, to have a spiritual experience. We have faith, impulse, yet we don’t know where it is coming from? Most people are scared, so to feel safe, they seek institutions but it is an illusion.

People suffer from losing their fix, then enter therapy. Real reason people come to therapy is because their deepest nature is not being satisfied.  That is the transpersonal perspective. Transpersonal therapy won’t give answers but will encourage you to ask the questions. Therapy can help to solve the immediate problems. But its deeper than that.  Ultimate point is seeking essence, real self.

Health warning: we need to go through cracks. Therapy exposes underlying cracks in our psyche and we need to go through them and grow.


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