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I was born and brought up in Dublin and at the age of 19 I visited London for a three week holiday and have been here ever since. I have returned to Ireland for short visits over the years and have witnessed the coming and going of the Celtic Tiger in that time. I graduated from Middlesex Poly with a degree in History &  Political Studies and was fortunate enough to go to Sacramento on an exchange trip for one semester as part of my course.  I have worked in project management, mainly public sector organisations, throughout my time in London. I also completed a masters degree in Modern European Studies and my dissertation was on the causes of the Irish economic boom. It is perhaps time to do some work on the causes of the ensuing crash.  I am a keen  photographer and I love to capture sunsets. I love interviewing interesting people and I present a radio show on ONFM 101.4FM in West London from 12-2pm on Fridays. I am also studying part time for a postgraduate diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy.   I have always pondered the deep and meaningful questions about why we are here, who we are really and how we can transcend our thinking and consciousness. I wanted to capture my thoughts and “aha” moments and therefore this blog will seek to report on my eureka  moments to what catches my eye in the news to what inspires me in my lectures and course reading.



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